My First Year Writing

First off, thank you, all you, for reading my articles. While I would have continued writing if no one read anything, the fact that you do gives me an incredibe sense of pride and accomplishment. Don’t worry, this is something extra. A regular post will be up 5 minutes after this. I know, the topic’s a little on the nose.

It’s a little surreal looking back. I started this site one year ago, on January 10th 2013 with one goal, put up an article everyday for six days a week. I had no idea what I was doing at first, not saying I do now, though I have a better idea. I wasn’t even sure what my scope was going to be, I just wanted to write, practice, and build something. I think on that front I was successful.

Me taking 1st place at a grappling tournament

Me taking 1st place at a grappling tournament

Breaking the fourth wall a little, my name is Tony Mathers, I’m an electrical engineer and fighter. Sometime around June of 2012 I got the brilliant idea to start writing. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. Structure, punctuation, grammar, flow, all a mystery. I opened a document and started typing. As 2013 began, I wrote my first article and hit publish.

I cringe looking back at that post, and all the posts for the next few months. I’ve buried a few of them, but you can still find them. I won’t remove them, posterity and such. Though they are terrible, I like looking back to see how far I’ve come. I was in my own bubble when I started, not looking at anyone else’s work. After three months, I caught another blog and saw photos embedded in article. My mind was blown. I immediately began including photos, even going back and inserting them in some older articles. If you find some old posts without photos, that’s why.

Three layers of latex body paint

Three layers of latex body paint

The day I deciphered the scheduling feature was momentous indeed. I didn’t trust it at first, manually publishing my articles at 7 am everyday. After some trial and error, I quickly learned its ins and outs, and began working ahead. Now I schedule content months in advance. I already know what article will go up on May 3rd (it’s Kablam!), with the next 24 posts already written. If I fell off the face of the Earth, you wouldn’t notice for a month.

As the year went on, my ideas for the site evolved. Currently on version 3.0, I think I’ve figured out how to not bury content. My first two designs were simple blog rolls with full articles in the main field. Good luck finding anything more than a week old. I love the current design and I think all of you do as well. My daily traffic has greatly improved since then. Took me 8 hours to learn how to do it, but it was worth it.

The Two-Headed Nerd Comicast

The Two-Headed Nerd Comicast

Around May of 2013, one of my favorite podcasts, The Two-Headed Nerd Comicast, mentioned they’d love to have anyone write content for their site. I offered my Saturday Morning Cartoon series to them, hoping we could both mutually benefit. So far it’s been a great success. I can’t recommend the THN podcast enough. Even if you have a passing interest in comics, give it a listen. I am in awe of the high level of quality Matt Baum and Joe Patrick produce every week between scripting and editing. Funny and entertaining stuff.

I’ve had more than a few things not pan out. I thought I would do a series of guilty pleasure articles, goofy or ridiculous things I like but socially shouldn’t. After about three that petered out. There’s the audio and board game categories too. I only had three ideas for either of those. While guilty pleasures is certainly dead, I’m toying around with ways to create more content for the other two. I think one of the best additions was the weekly top 5 list. While some are obvious, I’ve had fun creating oddly titled lists. I love doing the weekly comic book reviews and movie trailer breakdowns as well.

Me and the Batpod

Me and the Batpod

While I’ve written a lot of posts, some good and others not so much. The one I am most proud of is Batman: The Animated Series. Clocking in at nearly 1500 words, it’s my longest by far. Though the site says Hulk, Batman is my favorite character in any medium. I was nervous writing it, putting in a lot of time and research. It’s practically a dissertation. I’ve learned to cut back since then.

I wanted to build something with this site, and I have, though I’m not done yet. There’s something I’m working on which should be finished soon that I can’t wait to share with all of you. I’ve decided to continue working on this site for another 2 years, after that, I’m not sure. Over 350 articles written and 16,500 hits. I can’t thank you enough. Oh, and the ads, I have no idea how that works. I don’t see any money for this, trust me.

If there’s any feedback you have, positive or negative (constructive please), comment below.

Accidentally published only one draft and deleted it. It was Trigun. 


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