Comic Book Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy #10, New Avengers #13, Rachel Rising #22

Happy New Year comic readers! Not a lot to pick from this week. I like to balance between Marvel, DC, and an indie book, but none of the few DC books I read came out this week. I’m hopping on Action Comics though.

Guardians of the Galaxy #10:


This issue felt like it was buying time for the Trail of Jean Grey crossover with All New X-Men. I enjoyed the issue more than last. Kevin Maguire seems better suited than Francesco Francavilla, at least for this incarnation of the team. It was fun watching Angela and Gamora tear through an army of Badoons, integrating Angela more with the team. I sometimes have difficulty reading two page spreads like this, but they flowed well here.

New Avengers #13:

What happened to Mar-Vell's face?

What happened to Mar-Vell’s face?

Inhumanity tie in my ass. A page of reference does not a tie-in make. Almost ignoring the events of Infinity, New Avengers delves back into the incursion story line, which is fine by me. While it’s dense and a little heady, I’m really enjoying this and can’t wait to see how it panes out. Simone Bianchi is serviceable, though a little muddled. Maybe it’s the coloring, but some of the pages with brighter pallets look muddy and sloppy.

Rachel Rising #22:


The story continues to reveal as the conclusion approaches. I’ve lost the thread of this a little reading it monthly (I blame Marvel’s double shipping for damaging my short term memory). The truth about Rachel/Bryn’s past was compelling. I can’t wait to reread this collected once it’s finished. Terry Moore deserves more praise. No idea what the cover’s about though.

What did you read this week? Anything you’re looking forward to this month? Comment below!

Damn snow. 


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