The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Nolan North Performances

If you’ve played any game with voice acting in the last decade, you’ve heard Nolan North. The man’s become a marquee name for gamers. I have great respect for voice actors. Hell, it was my first Top 5. Here’s my favorite roles he’s done because I haven’t figured out how to gracefully segue these lists yet. Awkward…

5. Mafia II

While I haven’t played Mafia II, there was funny scene that made rounds when the game released. Due to poor, or purposeful programming, North voiced a lead character and a random citizen who spoke to each other. Between North and Troy Baker voicing 95% of male protagonists, it was bound to happen eventually.

4. Young Justice


Though the show was poorly handled, that didn’t diminish the amazing quality. North portrayed Superboy, and consequently Superman along with a few other minor roles. Superboy is a complex, emotional character that North nailed.

3. Uncharted


Nathan Drake is one of the best new characters from the last generation. Thanks to Norths voice and motion capture performance, Drake was believably brought to life as a new sort of Indiana Jones. While I wish there was some permanent consequences in the series, the games are still fun to play.

2. Portal 2


I replayed the final battle several times to hear all the sound bites from the corrupted cores. Each one better than the last. All three cores were voiced by Nolan.

1. Spec Ops: The Line


Spec Ops was a very dark game, showing the horrors of war. I really don’t feel like my post did the game justice as I could spend days discussing it. Walker’s decent was enthralling thanks to North’s performance. In the hands of another actor, the game would have suffered for it. If there’s anything worth playing/watching on this list, it’s this.

What did you think of my picks? What’s your favorite Nolan North, um, things? Comment below.

Writing’s hard. 


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