Supernatural Season 1 Review – Winchester Family Values

There’s a bit of a fallacy in how I pick shows to watch. I wait until other people have vetted them for me, letting me know if it’s worth my time. Shows either take some time to find their groove, or aren’t worth the effort. This can be a detriment to shows as they’re trying to build an audience. Supernatural, though currently in its 9th season as of this writing, constantly had this problem during it’s first few years.


Supernatural is the story of two brothers, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki). When Sam was a baby, a demon came to him, infecting him with his blood. His mother sadly walked in on the encounter, and was killed. Their father, John, learned how to become a hunter of supernatural beings, teaching the boys how to face down such creatures while simultaneously looking for the demon that killed his wife. Fun stuff. The show starts with Sam in college and Dean coming to convince his brother to return to the life as their father had gone missing.


The show is anthology style, like X-Files before it. Monster of the week episodes mixed in with a handful of ones that furthered the overall plot. I didn’t know this going in. Watching the second episode, “Wendigo”, I was very let down. This wasn’t a knock against the episode, just didn’t meet my expectations. The season continued with a few weak episodes early on, like “Bugs”, but gradually improved. What stands out for me on the show are the fun episodes, adding a bit of levity to the grim and macabre. The late season “Hell House” exemplifies this. Here the brothers encounter a pair of inept website running ghost hunters named Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spengler. Casting on the show as perfect. Ackles and Padalecki have wonderful chemistry, adding an air of believability to their relationship. Jeffrey Dean Morgan gave a strong performance as their gruff father while Jim Beaver’s Bobby Singer is a fun addition. In typical WB/CW (still CW when the first season aired), every female guest star is gorgeous. A little noticeable over time but not a major detractor.


The season finale surprised me. I had set my expectations early on to expect little advancement in the plot. Seeing the writers slam the gas pedal (pun) on the plot made the show set it’s hooks deeper into me. Plus you can’t go wrong with Wayward Son. Creator Eric Kripke had said from the beginning that he had a 5 season arc planned. The season finale here made the completely evident (as does the current 9th season). Supernatural is a fantastic show able to balance heartfelt moments with humorous ones thanks to leads Ackles and Padalecki. This is a show I constantly recommend. Jump on Netflix and enjoy. What was your favorite episode of the season? Surprised by the finale? Comment below! Dean doesn’t have the voice yet. 


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