Movie Trailers: Transcendence, Million Dollar Arm, How to Train Your Dragon 2


Johnny Depp becomes the internet. There wasn’t much I found enticing. I won’t be seeing this unless word of mouth proves otherwise. This movie just further proves the theory that Depp no longer knows how to play human characters as he continually portrays caricatures.

Million Dollar Arm:

At first it seemed like Don Draper in modern day, but as the trailer went on my opinion changed. A little Jerry Maguire crossed with every sports movie ever. I haven’t seen a good sports triumph movie in a some time, and this one doesn’t seem like it will be it for me. Though Disney produced, there was little here that caught my interest.

How to Train Your Dragon 2:

I was incredibly excited to see a full length trailer released for this. I only saw the original a year ago as I typically avoid CG movies not made by Pixar. The original was incredible and they seem to have plenty of great ideas for the sequel. I will hurt any little kids that get in my way of seeing this opening day, including my own.

Anything catch your eye? Comment below!

Feeling the Christmas diabetic coma. 


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