American Hustle Review – Captivating Performances

I realized as the movie started that I hadn’t seen a trailer for it, which is strange for me. Maybe it’s generic title let it slip by. Quickly I realized this was anything but, especially given the cast. It’s rare I go in knowing nothing about a movie. Even more so leaving happy. This was one of those times.


Christian Bale has once again transformed himself for a role, tipping scales at some 250 lbs. and sporting the worst comb over in history. From his looks to his wardrobe, Bale looked like he belonged in this 1970’s piece. Every bit of the design and aesthetics felt like an anachronism, perfectly setting the mood. Everyone’s hair was amazing, especially Bradley Cooper’s perm.

I was a little wary initially given Bale’s last performance, but his accent was spot on. Amy Adams was amazing, and she didn’t wear a bra the entire movie. Bradley Cooper seemed a little off, but I think it was the material he was given. At first he appeared intelligent enough as a FBI agent, capturing Bale and Adams, but became more gullible as the movie continued. This was more a product of the material, not his performance though. Jennifer Lawrence was fantastic as always. Her aloof house routine was funny. I don’t know if I liked her excuses or clumsiness more. My only complaint is that she felt wasted in a supporting role, only given a handful of scenes. Also, the surprise cameo was nice.


While the ending was good, it left me a little wanting. The game they were playing felt dangerous thanks to some well placed actions and exposition, but never really payed off. I was expecting something horrible to happen by the end, but everything seemed to tie up nicely. Not a complaint, just wasn’t what I was expecting. Given the nature of con/scam movies, I was expecting an entire “here’s what really happened” montage, but was surprised to see it was only a one quick clip explanation. My expectations were subverted.


There’s plenty of movies I’ve seen, and enjoyed, but never felt the need for a repeat viewing. I want to see American Hustle again, mostly for the performance. Each actor felt magnetizing. I was drawn in by every scene, not feeling bored during the entire 2 plus hours run time. Bale styling his hair, Cooper in curlers, Lawrence dancing and cleaning, and Adams’ wardrobe (giggle), everything about this movie was well thought out and executed. The performances are superior to the story. Not quite a movie you need to run out and see, but one you need to make a point to watch.

What did you think of the hairstyles? Ending let you down? Comment below!

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