Comic Reviews: Justice League 3000 #1, Captain America #14, Chew #38

My books were on time this week, yay! On with the show:

Justice League 3000 #1:


Given the creative team of Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis, I was really excited for this one. Quickly I was let down. JL3K features a dysfunctional team, similar to the team we’ve seen since the New 52 relaunched. To that end I ask, what’s the point? The art also ranged from passing to questionable. It was hard to tell the difference between Superman and Batman out of costume as the only identifier was Superman’s curl, which disappeared occasionally. What was going on with Wonder Woman’s face? I’ll give it one more issue to see if it picks up. And where’s the funny?

Captain America #14:


It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with Captain America. The Dimension Z arc is several issues behind us though its ramifications are still felt. I was wondering where the series would be heading and now I have a clearer picture. Major problems are coming for S.H.I.E.L.D., seeming to line up with the next movie. A few interesting questions about freedoms were raised throughout the issue. While I miss the sci-fi elements, this is still a good read.

Chew #38:


Another fun issue for Chew with #38. The series is nearly two thirds done, and the end game is beginning to present itself. We’re introduced to even more seemingly endless food powers this issue, which is always fun. Mostly set up, but I know it’ll lead somewhere good. Though there’s sometimes a bit of a wait between issues, it’s always worth it considering the high level of quality.

What did you read this week? Comment below!

I have a pile to catch up on. 


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