The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 New Comic Series of 2013

I’m not sure if it would be easier or harder to create a list of my top 5 comic series of the year. Either way, listing my top 5 new books from 2013 seemed like a lot more fun. Disclaimer: I can’t read everything, and there’s plenty I missed that I would have liked to have read (Rat Queens).

5. Batman ’66 (DC)


DC has become a dark and depressing place. I’ve already lost count of how many children died there this year. When they announced this new Batman book, done it the style and cadence of the Adam West show from 1966, I jumped right in. The amazing nonsense from the series is still intact thanks to writer Jeff Parker. If you have a fondness for the old show, or looking for fun in the DCU, here it is. Each chapter is $0.99 digitally, but the three collected in print is $3.99. Buy them digitally, or at, like I do. $2.39 there.

4. Private Eye (Panel Syndicate)


Hearing that Brian K. Vaughan and Marco Martin released a new series this year, available digitally only, I jumped all over it. While I still love the book, and everything is represents to the comics industry as a creator published book, the series is getting a little stale. While the setting, ideas, and character work are what you’d expect from Vaughan, top notch, the story itself is (only 4 of 6 issues released) devolving into the typical detective story. Still completely worth a read.

3. The Wake (Vertigo)


When Scott Snyder finds an artist he enjoys working with, he makes a point to do so again. After the awesome mini-series American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest, the two collaborated on another horror project, The Wake. Already halfway through the series and I have no idea what’s going to happen. Shocking moments typically seen in the third act came to pass in the third issue as things for our heroes go from bad to worse. And what do the flashes of the past and future mean?

2. Lazarus (Image)


Writer Greg Rucka, reteaming with artist Michael Lark, continues his work with fascinating female protagonist Forever, the Lazarus for the family Carlisle. Character work aside, this book is so chock full of ideas that it all can’t be contained in the drawn 22 pages. The pages are over flowing with prose back-matter that flesh out the world in captivating ways. Rucka has said he has plans for issues through 60. I hope this book makes it that long.

1. Trillium (Vertigo)


While his main stream work is good, there’s always something alluring about Jeff Lemire’s creator owned work. After Sweet Tooth ended earlier this year, I was looking forward to his next written/drawn work. Trillium was everything I hoped it would be. The first issue played with the medium, with the story cut in half, starting on the flip side of the book. The two protagonists met at the end of their parts, in the physical middle of the book. If not for the solid story work, this would have easily been written off as a gimmick, but every issue has delivered since the first.

What was your new favorite series this year? What did you think of my picks? Comment below!

Last years pick = Sage x 5


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