Comic Reviews: Inhumanity #1, Trillium #5, Earth 2 #18

My comics came in a little late thanks to the snow (our roads still aren’t plowed, yay government). Anyways, on with this week’s books:

Inhumanity #1:


This double sized issue serves many purposes. While retelling how Attilan fell in Infinity, it serves as a primer for the Inhumans. Though I know the characters, they’re not in the foreground as much, it was nice to see. Once past the prologue, it gave a quick tease of things to come, all from Karnak’s perspective (love that guy). Great book and must read for those who read Infinity or planning on diving into Inhuman #1 next week. And what the hell is up with Lockjaw’s face?

Trillium #5:


This book makes me glad I haven’t switched to digital yet. Lemire continues to play with the conventional medium similar to the fashion he did in the first issue. I had an idea of what was happening until this issue, now I want answers. Lemire has yet to let down with his creator owned work. Only three issues to go.

Earth 2 #18:


I was tempted to jump ship when James Robinson left the book, but I’m glad I didn’t. Tom Taylor has kicked the story into high gear. The best part of the series is seeing new and different takes on characters. While the ones presented here aren’t the best (Red Tornado is still winning that category), they’re still fun. And who is Batman?

What did you read this past week? Comment below!

Stupid snow. 


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