Tangled Review – Wow That Was Good

I had zero expectations seeing this movie. A plethora of poor to terrible CG animated movies from Dreamworks and whoever made Hoodwinked had me convinced that only Pixar should be allowed to dabble in the style. I don’t remember exactly why I went to see this, probably drug to it, but I’m thankful I did. I was completely blown away.


Like nearly every other hallmark Disney movie, Tangled is a retelling of a popular fairy tale. This time, Rapunzel. Considering how simple the 20 min tale is, a little complexity was added to warrant a feature film. What changes you ask? The addition of male lead Flynn Rider. Originally the film was called Rapunzel. I remembered seeing a teaser for the film in 2008, a still drawing of the infamous tower featuring some of the voice overs. It was a little bit shocked to see the animation style. I supposed I had my expectation for traditional hand animations set by 2009’s The Princess and the Frog. I wrongly assumed Disney was returning to it’s glory days.

Rapunzel was changed to Tangled, taking the emphasis of the female lead. Frog performed poorer than expected. Disney thought this was due to a lack of young male interest. In response they shifted marketing for the film to include Flynn. Again, this was a year before Tangled came out. Considering the time needed to animated, I doubt little of the plot had changed. Ultimately, this doesn’t matter. The movie was phenomenal. I genuinely laughed during many parts of the film. Mostly because of Max, the horse.


Tangled marks a very specific era for Disney. It’s been over 15 years since we’ve gotten any new songs worth mentioning. This movie marks the shift from hand animation to CG. I doubt we’ll ever get another feature the liked of Aladdin or Lion King again. That’s not to say what is here is bad. It’s just, different. I think the only reason The Princess and the Frog was created was to appease a certain community by inducting one last princess of a certain ethnicity (she was black).


I think this is why I was apprehensive seeing Tangled. It wasn’t the Disney I grew up with, and didn’t seem to be something I wanted. While this isn’t and won’t be what I knew, it’s still fantastic in it’s own right. Considering Disney’s continued since here with Wreck-It Ralph, I’m confident in this new direction. If you’re a fan of Disney (don’t lie, you all are), watch Tangled. Don’t do this to yourself.

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Excited for Frozen.


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