Thor: The Dark World Review – Slightly Familiar but Fun

After Iron Man 3, I was a little worried about the upcoming Marvel movies, quality wise. I’m not trying to sound like some fanboy doomsayer, it was just a concern. With all the recent Marvel announcements, it was hard not to be excited. I went into Thor with a positive outlook, though I heard of one or two bumps that hampered the experience. Thankfully, the movie was a blast. Humorous and emotional, I had fun the entire two hours.


Thor has been trying to bring peace back to the nine realms. Meanwhile, a celestial event is on the horizon. Once every 5000 years, the realms align. This plays all sorts of havoc on physics and such, allowing people to accidentally fall into other realms. Jane finds herself before the Aether, a mystical artifact the Dark Elf, Malekith, desires. The Aether possess her. Thor finally returns to her, taking her to Asgard.

One of the biggest complaints from the previous film was how few people seemed to live in Asgard. There are guards and citizen running around left and right. Nearly half the movie takes place in the Realm Eternal, allowing scenes to play out in courtyards, taverns, etc. My only real complaint about Asgard was the aesthetic. The castle looked like a giant pipe organ. Otherwise everything looked more ethereal and sprawling than the previous movie, fleshing out the world.


My favorite scene came during Malekith’s siege on Asgard. Frigga (Rene Russo), Thor’s mother, defended Jane from the Dark Elf, giving her life the process. Using a sword and some enviable moves, she easily held her own, only to be over powered by a monster that gave Thor trouble. It was great seeing a female character handled correctly. Not once did she play the damsel in distress. She embodied every bit of the powerful queen her character was meant to be.

While there was plenty of charm weaved throughout, I was very impressed with the final battle. Rather than being an anticlimactic punch-fest, it was the best part of the movie. Using the established thin veils between worlds, Thor and Malekith continued teleporting from world to world as they battled. Mjolnier chasing after him as his position changed was enjoyable. There was an inspired cameo from an Avenger as well.



Overall I had two complaints. Heimdall, Sif, Thor and the Warrior Three Two (why was Hogun written after the first scene?) hatched a plan to escape Asgard. This seemed all two familiar, echoing of the plot from the first movie. Heimdall even played the same role, going on about how he cannot betray his king. Blah blah. Seeing this idea play out again didn’t detract as it was fun to watch with Thor and Loki this time. Still, familiar. My only other objection was the Dark Elves’ face masks. They looked like soulless Teletubbies.


I can’t resist talking about the post credits scene. These little easter eggs were always fun, teasing what was to come. I think that was part of the reason I disliked Iron Man 3 so much, it didn’t even do that. Here, Marvel’s delivered their best tease yet. Sif and Volstagg met with Benicio Del Toro’s Collector (soon to be seen in Guardians of the Galaxy). They gave him the Aether, referring to it and the Tesseract both as Infinity Gems. I’m calling it right now, Avengers 3 will feature Thanos, the Infinity Gems, and every superhero to date.

Thor: The Dark World was what a superhero movie should be, fun. I left with the same feeling I had after seeing Avengers. Now I can’t wait for The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. The way this ended, I’m hoping for a third.

What was your favorite part of Dark World? How excited did the post credits make you? Comment below!

Episode 8 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will tie in with Thor.

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