The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Crushes of My Youth

Whether it be on television or the big screen, there were shows/movies I would watch in my adolescents just to catch a glimpse of her. An actress that I was completely smitten with. I’m sure we all had our TV crushes growing up. Here’s a list of mine. For the record, I still have a thing for all of them.

5. Jessica Rabbit 


This one’s a little easy. I remember seeing Who Framed Roger Rabbit? in theaters and being completely taken by Mrs. Rabbit. Then again, I’m sure every other male in America was as well. Yes, she is a cartoon character, but, you know, boobs. That and her breathy voice. For the record, that’s the woman who voiced her on the right, Kathleen Turner. In the middle is her performance model, Betsy Brantley. Let that simmer for a bit.

4. Clarissa – Melissa Joan Hart


Clarissa Explains It All, what a great show. I’m sure it’s completely nonsensical now, but at the time it perfectly encapsulated the 90’s. Constantly breaking the 4th wall, Clarissa would talk to the audience about her adolescent concerns. Somewhat girl-centric, I still watched just for Hart. Many know her as Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but she’ll always be Clarissa to me. And what parents would allow a teenage boy to enter and exit their teenage daughters room via a ladder to her second story window?

3. Xena – Lucy Lawless


If you saw my post on Xena, you knew she had to be on this list. Xena was a great show, but to watch this strong brunette running around, kicking ass… yeah. Gorgeous as the warrior princess, she’s aged beautifully. Recently on Spartacus, Lawless is still amazing. If you like her, watch Spartacus.

2. Wonder Woman – Lynda Carter


I remember watching Wonder Woman, not really following the story or caring, just to watch Lynda Carter. Much like Lawless, she’s also aged gracefully, and is still beautiful today. I couldn’t imagine how uncomfortable it was wearing that whalebone corset, but she did it with style. She’s probably the reason I loved Xena so much.

1. Topanga – Danielle Fishel


It was a tough decision deciding on my number 1 and 2 spots. Considering I grew up watching Topanga, I knew it had to be her. The perpetual love interest on Boy Meets World, Topanga embodied the girl next door, the type of girl every boy pined after in school. Considering the overwhelming positive fan reaction to her return in the new Girl Meets World, I know I’m not alone in this. I ❤ Topanga.

With the exception of numbers 4 and 5, my list really hasn’t changed much since then. I’m sure at least half of my list matches every other guy’s in America too.

Who were your celebrity crushes from your youth? Comment below!

Mary Louise-Parker and Shakira. 

7 responses to “The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Crushes of My Youth

  1. You have some nice choices but we don’t have a single match (not that I would refuse your 1 thru 4 if they showed up on my door step mind you, they just don’t make my top 5. I’m thinking I’m more than a tad older than you are (kudos for the Lynda Carter addition) so my list is different.

    5. Dana Plato
    4. Bo Derek
    3. Erin Gray
    2. Farrah Fawcett
    1. Jodie Foster

    • I’m glad you approve. Your list is just as good. My girlfriend was surprised I didn’t have Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Amber Thiessen), but I never really watched saved by the bell. Man, I do love Lynda Carter.

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