Final Fantasy IX – Unremarkable

Most of what I write here is pulled from memory. Granted, my mind isn’t a steal trap, and I research some minor details to flesh out the more minuscule parts of my posts. I realized, reflecting on Final Fantasy IX, that I don’t remember much about it. I played the game for a week straight between jobs, maxing out a few character stats, doing side quests, and beating the hidden boss. The story, battle system, and characters though, are just unremarkable.


While I remember little about the game itself, there’s still much I do that we can discuss. Development for the game began before FFVIII was released. Both FFVIII and FFVII was a departure from previous entries, leaning towards a futuristic setting with more realistic character proportions. Writer/producer/Final Fantasy godfather Hironobu Sakaguchi made it clear that this would not be in the vein of the previous two. Instead, it would be a return to older ideas and settings. The medieval setting was brought back in full swing.

The biggest difference was the character design. A super-deformed look, with large heads on small bodies. Personal, my opinion wavers on this look. Here, it didn’t work for me at all. This choice was to reflect the design of games pre-FFVII. It worked in the 8 and 16-bit entries, but not with 3D models. It was mostly Zidane and Dagger/Garnet’s looks that bothered me the most. My dislike mostly stems from what the characters are doing. In a more cartoon-esque environment, it works. With them fighting a war, engaging in love arcs, and having deeper philosophical discussions, their looks oddly juxtaposed their actions.


In typical Final Fantasy fashion, this entry also included a super boss, set to be stronger than any enemy in the game. Ozma. Like those I’ve faced down before him, he succumbed to my attacks. At the time, I thought he was certainly no Emerald or Ruby weapon, but still an acceptable challenge. Turns out he was much easier than I thought. A painstaking challenge had been issued; to defeat Ozma with characters on level one. Through a variety of tricks, it’s possible to avoid experience points, keeping your characters at level one. From there, his pattern is predictable with most of his attacks easily negated with proper equipment.

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 1.26.36 PM

I wish I had more to say about FFIX, but I don’t. If you knew me personally, you’d find this extremely odd. I remember all sorts of crap. I know I had fun, or else I wouldn’t have put 60+ hours into the game, or even bothered finishing it. I’m looking at you FFVIII. I’m sure if I jumped back in, most of it would come back to me. Given how little I recall, I think the game is entirely average. No where near one of the worst (FFVIII), but certainly not one of the best (FFVI).

Is FFIX worth remember? Has my average remark enraged you?  Comment below!

I remember the tongue guy wanted me to cook stuff. 


7 responses to “Final Fantasy IX – Unremarkable

  1. I share your feelings on this one. FF9 was a good-not-great game and the weakest of the PS1 FFs (including Tactics). My biggest gripe with the game was the dumbed-down speed of the battle system. Adding one more character didn’t make fighting more fun. On top of that, none of the characters were particularly outstanding aside from Kuja, who’s my favorite villain in the series. Zidane and Steiner are likable, but the rest of the cast can induce vomiting. Eiko? Quinna? Amarant? Yuck. And I’m convinced that Vivi is the most overrated supporting character in the series.

  2. I understood they were trying to recapture the nostalgia of the SNES FF’s, but everything was mediocre. I completely agree with Vivi being overrated. They just recycled a character from 1987 for that one. I did not get the appeal. The only thing I disagree with you on is it being the worst FF of the PS1 generation. That honor goes to FFVIII. I hate that game.

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