X-Force – Cable and the 90’s Go to the Movies

A few months ago, Fox announced the next X-Men movie after Days of Future Past will be X-Force, with Jeff Wadlow, the writer/director of Kick-Ass 2 handling both duties for this movie. As I’m sure many of you are asking, what is X-Force? Well have no fear, the Credible Hulk is here! Superhero nonsense, away!

There have been three iterations of the X-Force team since it’s inception in 1991. Original created by Rob Liefeld, the book was drawn and plotted by him, with scripts done by Fabian Nicieza. This book represented everything wrong with the 90’s. The team was headlined by Cable, Cyclop’s and Jean Gray’s son who grew up in the 31st century, returning in the past to be all militant and stuff. Cable was weird, but people loved him with all his hyper-muscled pouch wearing-ness. His character created a ‘hard-edged’ archetype seen repeated throughout the 90’s, contributing to the industry crash during the decade. The first issue is the second best selling comic of all time, with over 5 million issues thanks to a collectible trading foil card on the cover.


Liefeld left Marvel after 12 issues, becoming fed up that he didn’t own his creations, forming Image Comics. The series tailspinned for a decade as Marvel tried all manner of creator and creative shake-ups to keep the book alive. In 2002, they finally admitted defeat, canceling the series. While I could potentially see Cable in an X-Force movie, as that’s his most common association, I think it’s unlikely. Cable embodies the confusing plot lines of the X-Men brand that hindered the line for 20+ years. If he were to appear, I guarantee some changes would be made.


The next volume of X-Force spun out of an event in 2008. Cyclops created a black-ops team, staffing it with members who would kill if necessary. Wolverine, X-23, Angel, Domino, Warpath, and others comprised the team. This series had X-Force deal with any threat to the mutant race, permanently. After 28 issues, the book was cancelled in 2010 in another event. When word spread amongst the X-Men that Cyclops authorized a hit squad, the other mutants were mortified, forcing him to disband the team. This series was serviceable, with nothing spectacular coming out of it. I doubt we’ll see little of this incarnation.


Wolverine disagreed with Cyclops, thinking that there were threats to mutants in the world that could only be dealt with one way. This version was called Uncanny X-Force, with Wolverine, Psylocke, Fantomex, Deadpool, and Angel on the team. Their goal was to eliminate threats before they grew. Their first mission had them kill the new reincarnation of Apocalypse before his rise to power. The only problem was he was an innocent, 12 year old boy. The book ran for 34 amazing issues written by Rick Remender.

With the relaunch rebranding of Marvel NOW!, X-Force was spun out into two titles/teams, Uncanny X-Force and Cable and X-Force. Both of these titles are okay at best, drawing on past ideas from Uncanny X-Force Vol. 1 and X-Force Vol.1 respectively. I doubt little will be culled from either of these titles as they heavy deal with the fallout of previous events.


Likely, the Remender incarnation, or some variation there of will be featured as the movie team. X-Men is barely a strong enough license to completely introduce new (to the movies) characters without some familiar faces anchoring the film. There hasn’t been an X-Men movie without Wolverine yet, and I doubt this would be the first one. As he is the main character of next year’s Days of Future Past, going back in time to prevent future problems, I could easily see him walking away with a different mindset. I’m willing to bet he comes back, thinks that things like Sentinels cannot happen again, so he assembles a black-ops team of new and familiar faces. Or Cable, comes back in time, same idea. Still, Wolverine though.

There’s an abbreviated history of X-Force. Not much is worth going back for save for Remender’s Uncanny. It’s is one of the best comic series in the last ten years. Either way, the team will have a militant/black-ops feel, and Wolverine. Since Warpath and Sunspot (classic members of X-Force) are in Days of Future Past, they’ll likely be included as well.

What’s your favorite version of X-Force? Comment below!

No one in Hollywood has enough muscles to play Cable. 


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