Dexter Season 7 Review – Righting the Ship

After the awful 6th season, I was done. I didn’t want to waste my time with more schlock, especially considering how the show was renewed for two more seasons. Maybe I was curious, I don’t know, but when season 7 premiered, I thought I’d give it one last chance. Thankfully I did. The 7th season was one of the strongest yet, completely blowing the door wide open with the amazing first episode. Thankfully, the higher quality story telling continued from there.

dexter 7 -1

Mild  Spoilers – Picking up where the last season ended, Deb had walked in on Dexter killing Travis Marshall. He’s able to convince her that he snapped, and his training as a forensic analyst kicked in, explaining why he was so meticulous about preparing the murder site. The two move the body and burn the church down. Deb’s still suspicious of Dexter, questioning him. Finally, the episode ends with her in his apartment. She’s found his kill tools, blood slides, and the hand from the ice truck killer. She asks if he’s a serial killer, he replies “Yes.”

Anything less than this would have done a disservice to the show and the characters. Deb is supposed to be a good detective, and that’s one thing they’ve been consistent with at least. For her to not deduce more, or at least investigate would have undone years of character work, regressing her to needless keep the wheels turning. This was a fear for many. Thankfully, they did not, doing the complete opposite. It was always suspected to be the ultimate conclusion, Deb discovering her brothers true nature. With this out in the open, what was left? Plenty actually.

dexter 7 -2

The season continued deconstructing and reevaluating the siblings relationship. Deb was coming to terms with the monster while Dexter was trying to help her accept who and how he was, hiding behind their father, the man who trained him. Along with this, two of the best guest stars appeared, Ray Stevenson as Isaak Sirko and Yvonne Strahovski as Hannah McKay. The former proved to be an interesting antagonist for Dexter, appearing to be his equal, with the two ultimately becoming allies. Their eventual team-up was one of the best moments of the season. Hannah on the other hand, was for Dexter what Lumen couldn’t be. Hannah was every bit the killer Dexter was, only without the moral compass. She was someone who could share his darkness but wasn’t emotionally damaged. I definitely preferred Strahovski to Julie Stiles.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 9.25.26 AM

The finale was one of the best since season 4, if not the best of the series. The show has smartly become more about the damage Dexter has wrought to the people in his lives. This is good considering they’ve explored nearly ever aspect of the man; Dexter gets a friend, Dexter falls in love, Dexter isn’t a monster, etc. I don’t know which one I enjoyed more, this or 4. Regardless, at least the show corrected itself. Hopefully they’ll stick the landing.

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That first image? Worst photoshop ever. Maybe not ever. Close. 


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