Dexter Season 6 Review – DO NOT WATCH!

Let me tell you about this gem. I had high hopes for this season after the 5th considering the shows rubberbanding pattern of delivering amazing stories for the even numbered seasons. Holy crap I couldn’t have been any more wrong. This is hands down one of the worst seasons of TV I have ever watched (caveat – I say season. I have watched worse shows, but I knew better than to continue). SPOILERS – But honestly, you’re better off reading this.


The amount of side character subplots this season were numerous, and each was more ridiculous than the last. Masuka (Dexter’s lab coworker) hired interns that were each more crazed than the last. Quinn became completely worthless, and pointless. The writers had no idea what to do with him other than turn him into an unlikable ass. The best though, comes from Debra. She was promoted to captain, replacing LaGuerta. Through therapy sessions, she comes to find that she’s in love with Dexter. Her brother. Do what now? I can only assume that thanks to Game of Thrones, incest was all the rage.

While this is going on, Dexter is engaging in another boss battle for the season against Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks), the Doomsday Killer. His mentor, Professor Gellar (Edward James Olmos), was teaching him, motivating him to kill in these biblical ways. Turns out he was dead and just a figment of Marshall’s imagination! Surprise! I’m sure no one saw that coming after 9 episodes of poorly telegraphed feints that they were pulling a full on Fight Club on us. Honestly, it was boring waiting for this pointless reveal, and insulting that they drug it out. After Gellar’s mortal status came out, Marshall became a full on psychopath because, why not. This characterization change didn’t make much sense, but it doesn’t matter, the entire idea was stupid anyways.


Do not watch this season! Seriously, don’t waste your time. There is only one thing you need to know, otherwise you can completely skip it. The season ends with Dexter killing Marshall, and Debra walking in to confess her love catch him in the act. This sets up the storyline for season 7, and is important. This moment is shown in the season 6 recap leading into 7 so you don’t need to worry about missing it.

Episode 603

I was done with Dexter after this season. Hearing the show was renewed for another two seasons beyond this, I didn’t want to waste my time with more nonsense. Out of curiosity I watched the premier for 7, giving the show one last chance. Thankfully, it delivered. Season 5 let me down, season 6 just outright angered me. Why was money wasted on obviously bad story telling? Five minutes later I remembered it was just a TV show and went on with my life.

Please, tell me why this was good. I dare you. Comment below!



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