Dexter Season 3 Review – Skippable

This will probably be my shortest post to date. Dexter season 3 is one of the weakest in the series. After the amazing season 2, anything that followed would pale in comparison. The theme for this season is Dexter gets a friend.


While Dexter was on a kill, he accidentally murders an innocent man during a fight with his actual target, a drug dealer named Freebo. The man turns out to be the brother of district attorney Miguel Prado (guest star Jimmy Smits). Miguel and Dexter met. When Dexter returns to kill Freebo (who Miguel believes killed his brother), he runs into Dexter leaving the scene. Dexter admits to killing Freebo in self defense. The two cover up the crime and become friends.

Dexter slowly reveals to Miguel his true nature, and the two hatch a plan. Prado will get people released from jail who ‘deserve to die’, and Dexter will kill them. Eventually, Miguel offers to do the kill, which he does without hesitation. Shortly after, he goes off the deep end, killing a public defender who has been his¬†adversary in the court room. Dexter eventually kills Miguel and his girlfriend Rita is pregnant, so they wed at the end of the season. And Debra did stuff, probably more than swearing. I don’t remember


If this season had come before 2, I think it would have been better, but as it stands, it’s ho-hum. Certainly not the worst season the show will have (that honor belongs to 6). It’s really more of a none event that doesn’t need to be watched. At this point, every season is mostly stand alone with little carrying over every year. All that needs to be known is Rita is pregnant and they get married. Armed with this knowledge, you can jump straight into 4 from 2. I promise. Your time is valuable.

So far 3 down, 5 to go. Yay for shortest post!

Agree with my assessment? Remember much of the season? Comment below!

What was up with Michael Hall’s hair that year?


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