Venture Bros. Season 1 – Go Team Venture!

If you’ve never watched Venture Bros., or really got into the show, this going to be difficult to explain. The best way I’ve come up with to introduce people is to not explain anything, and just have them watch season 1. Usually about half way through, they get it. If you have the ability to watch season 1, stop reading and do so now. Then come back. Hopefully you read the come back part before actually leaving.

Johnny Quest was an interesting show. A boy, Johnny, would go on globe trotting adventures with his father, Dr. Quest, his bodyguard Race Bannon, and his token friend, Hadji. Escapades abounded as the group would outwit proto-terrorist organizations, ancient curses, and deathtraps. It was an idea very much of it’s time. What would happen to a child who group up in that environment, a boy adventurer. Seeing the world 10 times over and forced to live in his father’s shadow. Enter Rusty Venture.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 9.30.19 AM

Venture Bros. is about the next generation of boy adventurers, Hank and Dead. Their father Rusty is Johnny all grown up, now a super-scientist. He’s completely inept as a scientist with a pill addiction and male pattern baldness. His two boys are hilariously dimwitted and simple. Mostly because their education comes form special beds they sleep in that teaches them while they sleep. Though all the information hasn’t been updated since the 80’s. Charged with their safe keeping by the U.S. government is Brock Samson, the killing machine himself.

Dr. Girlfriend

Part of being a super scientist/adventurer means you’ll have an arch-nemesis. Dr. Venture has The Monarch. The Monarch, along with Dr. Girlfriend (who looks like Jackie O), try to foil and kill Dr. Venture at every turn. Many times he sends in his army of henchmen to storm the compound the Ventures live in, only to be murdered at the hands of Brock Samson. I mean literally at the hands. Brock only uses a knife and bare hands to brutally murder any who stands in his way. Super kill guy.

Created my Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick (Christopher McCulloh), the two share writing and directing duties for every episode, along with voicing 80% of the characters. The show began airing on Adult Swim in 2004 and uses hand drawn animation. It really helps the final product hold up, but doubles production time (season 5 didn’t premier until 2013).


McCulloh worked on The Tick animated cartoon in the 90’s, and eventually on the short lived live action version. This is how he met Patrick Warburton, who voices of Brock. Originally Venture Bros was conceived as a comic one off issue. Realizing he had too much material on his hands, McCulloh went about developing the show before pitching it Comedy Central, who rejected the project. Cartoon Network picked up the show, and has been it’s home since.

Nearly every episode of season 1 have the Ventures on another Quest like adventure, while revealing more about the crazy world they live in. My favorite episode of season is “Ghosts of the Sargasso”, where Rusty deep sea dives to recover some old tech of his fathers while the ship is taken over by pirates. Who are only pirates because they’ve been on a dead boat for years. Their weapons are toys because they knocked over a Toys ‘R’ Us ship a few years back.


I love Venture Bros. Though it’s years between seasons, I know it’ll be finely crafted and worth the wait. The only thing I haven’t liked about newer episodes is less Brock 😦

Who’s your favorite Venture character? Favorite episode? Comment below!

“So uh… what are you trying to tell me here, little man? That you don’t like Zep?” – Brock 


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