Dexter Season 2 Review – Peaking too Early?

The Bay Harbor Butcher. This was the story the writers really wanted to tell. Not sure how many seasons the show would run for, they immediately went into one of their possible endgames, delivering a great season of television. Possibly, one of the best on the show.


Dexter dismembers his victims (which makes me wonder what he does with all that blood), before putting the parts into several trash bags. He ends his nightly kills by taking the bags out on his boat to dump into the ocean. Carelessly, he’s been dumping the bags too close to shore, and some divers found them. All of them. This quickly became the biggest case in Miami Metro history, even bringing in FBI investigators. Dexter felt the pressure, especially as Doakes was breathing down his neck, knowing something was off with him.

This plot line was obviously meant to be later in the series. At the time, I can’t fault them for pulling the trigger on it this soon. While Dexter has done nothing but grow in popularity and ratings since it’s first season, it’s mostly thanks to the strength of this story. Not only was Dexter trying to stay one step ahead of investigators, manipulating them from the inside while avoiding suspicion from Doakes, but working through problems at home with Rita, using a heroin addiction to cover a mistake. All this while Deb finds love with an older man and Dexter getting to confront his mother’s killer.


It wouldn’t be spoiling much (there’s been 6 more seasons since) to say that Dexter evaded capture, placing the blame on someone else. The finally was gripping and tense. This was one of the first shows I marathoned, watching the entire season in a day (I was in college). My only complaint with the season was how neatly it wrapped everything up. But that’s more so a complaint with the show as a whole, considering season 6 was the first to break the trend.


There really was no where the show could go but down from here, as evident in season 3, but more on that later. With season 8 set to air this summer (2013), I still can’t 100% make the call that this was the best season, but as of right now it is. Yes, even better than Trinity in season 4.

What did you think of season 2? Best one yet?  Comment below!

I have a thing for Julie Benz. 


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