Arrested Development Season 3 – Mr F

After seasons 1 and 2 of the show, season 3 has some major payoffs to the epic tale of the Bluth’s. Showing signs of ‘failure’, the third season was only 13 episodes, the shortest yet, airing from 2005 – ’06. One episode even made lite of the shows plight (I’m a poet and didn’t realize), by having a callout to different networks, hoping they’d pick up the show. George Sr. refers to the Home Builders’ Organization not supporting S.O.B (Save Our Bluths). When Michael replies “HBO doesn’t want us”, George Sr responds “Then it’s Showtime.” If only they had the foresight to work in Netflix.


Again, Arrested Development proves they are the master of the callback. I’ve said this before, but every time I watch the show, I pick up a few new subtleties. The writing is expertly crafted. Even if you’ve seen little or no previous episodes, the jokes still work wonderfully.

The season starts building up for a 6 part story parodying James Bond, called Mr. F. George Sr tells Michael he’s being blackmailed by the British. Michael goes to Wee Britain to investigate where he meets the quirky Rita Leeds (Charlize Theron). He notices her odd behaviors but ignores them as he falls in love. Meanwhile, it’s shown that she is possibly working for a man named Mr. F. Before the two go through a shotgun wedding, it comes to light that there is no Mr. F. The true meaning of Mr. F is amazing and clever, something I won’t spoil here.


The family fire their inept attorney, Barry Zuckerkorn (Henry Winkler), and hire Bob Loblaw (Scott Baio). Both Lindsey and Tobias make romantic passes at him. Buster fakes a coma to avoid testifying against his family, Gob is arrested in Iraq for inciting riots, and Maeby gets fired from her job as a movie executive when George Michael sends sweet 16 birthday invites to everyone in her address book. It’s also revealed that Lindsey was adopted meaning George Michael and Maeby aren’t related, relieving some of the tension from their strange flirtation/make-out sessions.

arrested development season 3

One of the best payoffs is the return of Annyong in the series season finale, who now speaks English, and reveals his real name is Hel-loh. He came to the Bluth’s to take vengeance for his grandfather, who George Sr stole the frozen banana idea from and had him deported. He gathered evidence against the real mastermind of the family while the port authority was coming to arrest.

Arrested Development is a rare example of a show whose audience as done nothing but grow since it ended. Streaming for years on Netflix, they were able to see the rise and popularity and commissioned a fourth season, premiering on May 26th, 2013. If you’re on my Facebook page, I’m sure you’ve seen how excited I am for it’s return. Since the debut is on labor day weekend, I plan on plowing through the season in short order. I don’t keep many shows on DVD anymore, but this is one that will definitely stay on my shelf.


Was season 3 the best yet? Are you excited for season 4 now? Comment on below, on Facebook, or Twitter! If you enjoyed this post, please share!

“Bob Loblaw lobs law bomb.”


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