Arrested Development Season 2 – Loose Seal

Taking the groundwork laid in season 1, season 2 of Arrested Development did what it does best, build. The family was in shambles after George Sr. faked a heart attack and escaped custody. Michael decided to finally abandon his family and take another job, but the investigation into the company prevented him from doing so. Adding insult to injury, his mother names Gob president.

The second season ran from 2004-2005 with only 18 episodes, down 4 from the previous season. Looking at the ratings, which averaged around 6 million per week, it’s hard to believe this show was considered a failure at the time. Probably learning from their past mistakes with Firefly, Fox let the show continue, though slightly truncated.


Every member of the family has their own story lines continuing through the season. George Sr. faked his death in Mexico before being brought back to the states. Eventually he was found out and began living in the attic of the model home with Michael bringing him food. George Michael began dating the perpetually boring egg…er… Ann Veal. Maeby begins her job working as a movie executive before eventually kissing George Michael at the end of the season.

This season contained two of my favorite storylines/jokes. Tobias was unsuccessful in his attempts to join the Blue Man Group, even after he blew himself. Eventually Lindsay kicks him out of the house. Taking inspiration from Mrs. Doubtfire, Tobias dresses as Mrs. Featherbottom, an English house keeper, so he can continue seeing his daughter. The family sees through his weak disguise and let him do all their cleaning and cooking.

Perhaps the best arc this season came from Buster. His mother Lucille, signed him up for the army to assuage protestors. Buster continues training at army, frequently getting half days from army, and even earning many awards from army in the form of stuffed animals. Finally deciding to over come his fears, Buster goes swimming in the ocean. Because of his brother Gob, there was a seal swimming about that had the taste for human blood. Someone warns him from the coast about the ‘loose seal’! Buster replies how he doesn’t need Lucille anymore, before getting his hand bitten off. Seeing his new hook hand, Buster cries “I’m a monster!”


An interesting meta episode this season was Motherboy XXX. When the show was created they faced a lawsuit from rap group Arrested Development, saying the show would damage their brand name. The suit was quietly settled. This episode was about the Motherboy convention, which Lucille was taking George Michael instead of Buster, as her son was now deformed. During the episode the narrator and convention holders said they were legally required to make the distinction between the rock band Motherboy, calling back to their lawsuit. Fun fact, the members of Motherboy are actually Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Jeffrey Tambor, Tony Hale, and Robert Smigel.


As I write these posts and look at the calendar, I can’t wait for May 26th when season 4 premires on Netflix (all 15 episodes at once).

What was your favorite moment from season 2? Getting more excited for season 4? Comment below, on Facebook, or Twitter! If you enjoyed this post, please share.

“Who’d like a banger in the mouth?”


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