Evil Dead (2013) Review – Sadly, No Boomstick


Last week saw the release of Evil Dead, a remake of the original 1981 horror flick. The original ‘trilogy’ (using that term loosely) consisted of Evil Dead 1, 2, and Army of Darkness. Most people at least know the latter (“This is my boomstick”). While the first movie was meant to be serious, in that corny-over-the-top-violent sort of way, the series grew progressively sillier (again, boomstick). The remake of the 32-year old movie now came with better special effects and a plot. I know there’s a rabid cult of fandom that’s sprouted around these movies with many eagerly anticipated this new release. While I subscribe to many different groupings, this isn’t one of them. I don’t have a dislike for the movies, I appreciate them for what they are, I just don’t fawn over them like I do my 9000 other obsessions.


Both versions of Evil Dead follow show 5 friends (2 guys and 3 girls) spending a weekend at a cabin. After finding a book bound in human skin, they inadvertently unleash a soul-stealing demon that posses one of the girls. Once possessed, she goes about attacking and maiming her friends, spreading the possession like an infection. Hilarity ensues as they fight back before succumbing themselves. Note: Depending on your definition of hilarity, your mileage may very.

The original had a bare bones plot. I think within the first 10 minutes they find tapes from a guy who translated the text, calling forth the demon (Kanda… Estradta… Mantos…). Then stuff happens. Go watch the movie. The new one had a few easter eggs paying homage to the original. The first 2/3rds of the movie played out nearly identical, albeit with better make-up effects. The characters now had a purpose and back stories. Mia, the sister, was trying to quite heroin cold turkey, and had her friends bring her to the family cabin to detox. In the back was the a busted up 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88, the same car the 5 used in the first movie (also writer/producer/director Sam Raimi’s first car). The cabin was identical to the first, probably even shot at the same one.


While I appreciated the movie, the Ash character (now called David) was stupid. I don’t just mean movie stupid, or horror movie stupid, he was completely dense. Beyond the normal refusing to believe what was happening, even after his girlfriend cut her arm off with an electric meat cutter. Said girlfriend then attacked the two men with a nail gun. David took three nail to the thigh, then sat to the side while his friend became a human pin cushion. Seriously about 43 nails, before David thought it might be a good idea to tackle her.


It what was my favorite moment showcasing how stupid this man was, he finally decided to kill his sister. After flip flopping a few times, he chooses to bury her alive, one of the three ways the books instructs on how to kill the possessed. He goes into the basement (where she’s been locked) to retrieve her before getting completely bitchslapped. His friend, the human pin cushion (now with a new feature – crowbar beaten), saves David. David at this point only had 3 nails in this thigh and a few buckshots graze his shoulder. Wuss. As he buries his sister he has the book propped up next to him, open to the page with a large image of burying a demon alive. Really? He needed instructions for that? “What do I do next? Ahhh, shovel the dirt on her. Got it.”

I thought Evil Dead overall was enjoyable, expect David, he was a moron. Looking for a good scare? Can’t go wrong with this, or The Fly. Just go watch The Fly.

What was better, this or the original? Looking forward to Army of Darkness 2? Comment below, on Facebook, or tweet! If you enjoyed what you read, please share!

I call B.S. on the jeep severing her hand.


5 responses to “Evil Dead (2013) Review – Sadly, No Boomstick

  1. Nice post. I really enjoyed the remake – the film is a perfect example of how to take source material and make it even better. Overall, it is a highly entertaining, campy horror film that shows one way of how to do horror right (the choice to not use CGI was a wise one).

    • I thought the remake really lived up to the original. I did appreciate the act 3 swerve to surprise the audience. Very well put, horror done right. And the practical effects were a shining part of the film. Thanks for the comment!

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