Saturday Morning Cartoons: Cartoons based on Celebrities, or Comedians… whatever

Fully disclosure: The original name for this post was Cartoons from Comedians. I figured I talk about Life with Louie and Bobby’s World. Turns out after doing 3 minutes of google research (you can tell I take this very seriously), there wasn’t many more shows (like, one). What I was reminded of, was just how many cartoons were based on celebrities. I’m willing to bet you remember most of these, only not too fondly.


Let’s start with one of the first two I mentioned, Life with Louie. Based on the comic stylings of that lovable comedian Louie Anderson and growing up within his family. All the opinions about the man himself in the recent years aside, this was actually an enjoyable show. I remember getting some good laughs over it’s 3 season run. Bobby’s World on the other hand, from Howie Mandel, wow did I hate this show. I actively hated it when I watched it. Then why did I tune in? There was nothing else on, we didn’t have cable, and I was a product of television so what else was I supposed to do for 30 minutes? Shut up.


Where do we go from here? Who remembers this gem? Waynehead from Damon Wayans. I completely forgot about it until now. I’m scared to look up more because of what I may find. Why is he wearing a Forrest Gump like orthopedic shoe? Why’s his other one a ballroom dance shoe? How the hell can he moonwalk in those? Why do they hang out with/harrass a homeless guy? My life shall forever be unfulfilled, as I may never know.

If I cared for any of the Wayans brothers, it was Damon, but now I don’t know. Watching the intro all I could think of was Fat Albert. I hear tell that Bill Cosby did the entire thing with a ruler, and that it was indeed excellent. Fat Albert was the original ‘comedian with a cartoon’ show. Running for over 10 years with 114 episodes. I think Bill Cosby took this money to create his Jello empire. But this is unsubstantiated.

Sadly, I stumbled upon and was reminded of The PJs, the horrible stop motion claymation that aired on Fox in the late 90’s. I watched one episode, and did my best to avoid doing so again. Now much older and wiser, and equipped with a Playstation, I no longer needlessly wasted my time on shows I didn’t like. Ha! Take that life! …oh wait.


John Candy had a show, Camp Candy. John freaking Candy. He played himself as a camp counselor, because that man just screams outdoor activity enthusiast. And it got 3 seasons. 3! We can’t get more than two season of Spectacular Spider-Man, Avengers: EMH, or Young Justice, but this gets 40 episodes? Seriously? Next you’ll tell me some one note concept has been the most popular show in a America for a decade.

Alright, so I lied. I found four more shows allowing me to circle back to my original idea for this post. I thought about changing my introduction but found it too charming. Admit it, you liked it. From here on out I solemnly swear to expand my research time to 5 minutes. Maybe.

Remember any of these shows? Did you watch Waynehead? Comment below!

Retroactive edits.


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