Inconceivable! The Princess Bride

I now exercise the right to change my favorite book that I listed earlier to The Princess Bride. I hope all of you have at least seen the movie. If you have and didn’t read the book it was based on please keep reading. The book reads like a script for the movie; lines, scenes, etc. taken straight from the source.

There are differences, but in this case it’s mostly things that are superflous to the story. The major difference is the grandson/grandfather characters don’t exist. Instead, the author often breaks the fourth wall as he writes, creating a fictitious version of himself. There are breaks between and sometimes during the chapters as the author speaks to the readers. He was ‘translating’ this old story from the invented western European country of Florin. Keeping the joke alive, he would ‘skip’ parts of the story when the characters would drone on about pointless Florin traditions.

Along with this an the removal of the menagerie scene, the two are identical. With so many iconic characters, Inigo Montoya (of the “you killed my father” fame), Vizzini (“Inconceivable!), and of course the Dread Pirate Roberts, what’s not to love?

The story is one of love, with Wesley, Buttercup’s farmhand and Buttercup herself never admitting feelings for one another, and him eventually leaving to see the world. She waited years for his return only to hear his ship was taken by the Dread Pirate Roberts, and killed. In her melancholy, she finally accepted the advances of the Prince. From there she’s kidnapped for ransom.

I loved the movie growing it, one of the feel I think that still holds up today. Reading the book was amazing. The joke did get old after a time, particularly some of the things the author went on about, the back material of the characters is fascinating, Inigo in particular. I’m sure we all know his story from his opening line, it was still fun to learn. His father was killed by the six fingered man, from there Inigo traveled learning from the best fencing masters. This is explained in the movie, but not experienced.

Many people believe, and rightfully so, that books turn into movies lose something in translation. I typically subscribe to this idea, but not in this case. I think both are wonderful companion pieces, and a must read for anyone who enjoyed the movie.

What’s your favorite book? Comment below or tweet. Suggestions for a topic? Let me know!


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