We’re Alive – A Story of Survival

Podcast have come around in the past half decade or so thanks to iTunes. There are many, many genres available. Mostly topical, ranging from a wide variety of subjects. One genre that has been slowly populated is a story telling type. There a few I enjoy and will recommend and discuss later, for now I want to talk about We’re Alive. We’re Alive arrived in 2009, and with three complete seasons it has grown to be incredibly successful with over one million downloads.

We’re Alive is an audio drama created, written, and produced by Kc Wayland. The show is produced in California, where the cast records simultaneously. Once a month or so, they would gather to record their parts, adding to the authenticity of their energy by working together. The audio is engineered with all the proper sound effects making it easy for the listener to be completely submersed in the experience. Without any visual component, the story telling possibilites are endless.

Each season contains 12 chapters with each chapter broken into 3 parts. A new episode would release every Monday at 9 a.m. PST, with a one week break between each chapter. Currently, they’re on hiatus after completing 3 of the 4 planned seasons with the 4th scheduled to start in the fall of this year.

Listening to the story unfold is an amazing experience. The story and acting is top notch, easily selling the drama. I’ve heard and read many fan reactions to the show, all with one thing in common; they quickly consume the story to date, left in a lull of having to wait for weekly episodes or for the season to start, so be warned.

The story follows several characters with the main one being Michael Cross. As it begins the upcoming events have already transpired, as he is narrating in past tense. What seems like a typical zombie story quickly evolves into something much more, as these creatures aren’t exactly zombies. Once the cast finds a secure place to stay, Michael suggests that everyone keeps a journal. It’s this mechanism that allows the story to truly flourish. The audience is no longer contained to following just Michael, now we switch perspectives following whatever character advances the plot. I want to clarify, the story has narrated interludes, but we hear the story as it happens, with the cast acting out their parts like a true audio drama of old.

We’re Alive is free to download. The cast and crew do this for the love of the project. Whatever funding is needed comes purely from donations. Every voice is amazing, helping you to easily paint a picture of the character in your head. I also want to mention that Bob Bergen (Porky Pig) plays a minor character.

Each season has been remastered into one complete package sans advertisements and is available for purchase, but individual episodes is of course free via iTunes, or on their site zombiepodcast.com. Of all the recommendations I’ve made so far, this should be the easiest to check. Easily consumed on a treadmill or during a commute for free.

What do you think of We’re Alive? Have your own favorite podcast? Suggestions for future topics? Comment or tweet!


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