Daytripper – A Celebration of Life

No spoilers, I swear.

Bras de Oliva Domingos has died. An entire life of working hard as a writer only to be over shadowed by his father’s success. On the night of a ceremony, celebrating his father’s work, Bras goes to a nearby bar for a drink. Tragically, the bar is robbed and he’s killed. Dead at 32. End issue one.

Comic book as a story telling medium is often overlooked. Thanks to the over policing of the Comics Code Authority in the 1950’s and 60’s, many genres were forced into extinction. The only genre allowed under this new police state was superheroes, which is why the medium is still to this day dominated by them. Thankfully, it was abandoned in 2001, not that it exercised much force on the industry in the last 20 years. For the last two decades, many different genres have come back full force, showcasing the potential of the medium.

“With pictures and words you can tell any story.” – Anonymous

Daytripper is written and drawn by Brazilian twins Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. Both master story tellers. In another post I will talk about the mechanics behind the medium, but for now, know that these two fully understand and celebrate their craft. I think the best way to consume stories is to follow the creators, a trend that many do with comics. The twins are ones that I, and many other, purchase their work without question. Look at the emotions they are able to convey in these panels. Not an easy feat.

You might wonder how the story could continue with the protagonist dying in the first issue. Each issue tells a different story with the same characters, always centered on Bras. We can to follow him through different ages (11 to 76), living through different experiences in his life. At the end of every issue (only 10), he dies. Sometimes he gets to experience this beautiful moment before passing, or misses it completely because he was too focused on the wrong thing. I guarantee at least one issue will tug at your heart strings, there isn’t one person among who hasn’t at least experienced, success, failure, love, or a first kiss.

Again, what sells these moments is the artwork. The look of pain, love, anger, and happiness of Bras’ face and those around him make the stories all the more believable.

I implore you, bias for comic books or not, this is a story that everyone needs to read. And I promise, at least one will hit you right in the feels.

Interested in other works by Moon and Ba? Check out Casanova. I dare you to tell me what’s going on. No really, please.

More completely awesome slice of life style stories: Asterios Polyp, Habibi, or Essex County.

Comment or tweet to tell me about your favorite comic book! Suggestions for a story you’d like me to discuss? Let me know!


9 responses to “Daytripper – A Celebration of Life

  1. I have known several people who refused to read comic books, and for that matter watch a cartoon, or even read a book. It’s frustrating that someone would choose that, never knowing what they’ll be missing out on.

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